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Disney Wants to Buy Time Warner

It would be terrible because Disney, the largest multimedia organization in the world, would become even larger after it takes ownership of Time Warner, the second largest.


That would give Disney ownership of Warner Brothers which owns DC Comics (which is why only WB produces movies and cartoons featuring DC characters). WB and DC upper management seem to not have any faith in their characters other than Batman, which lead to grim/gritty/dark Superman in “Man of Steel”.

Marvel Studios, under Disney, didn’t need to compromise Captain America’s “boy scout” nature but gave him good stories leading to successful movies. I’d rather have the DC stable under people who respect the characters and different directors and writers. Not giving everything to Nolan and Snyder.




Let’s face it, if Marvel owned Wonder Woman she’d have two movies by now.

Yeah, just like Black Widow and Captain Marvel right ? :)

Honestly, people keep saying Marvel is more PC, when they done as much as DC.  Hell, I’d say DC has more female lead books than Marvel!

They are about even with female lead books with the difference being all but one DC book, “Harley Quinn”, has existed since the launch of the New 52 and has reached over 30 issues.

Marvel’s longest running female lead superhero book is “X-Men” at 20 issues. All other titles are under 10 with one,” Elektra”, in danger of being canceled.

(Source: tragichues)